We are a team of highly driven professionals, striving for excellence in supporting the Presidency achieve a better quality of life for every Filipino.


To provide relevant and timely information to the Presidency and help build and nurture a bureaucracy marked by good governance and leadership by example.


a. Societal Goal - Sustainable Growth and Development
     towards Poverty Alleviation;

b. Sectoral Goal - Good Governance; and

c. Organizational Outcome - Responsive Decision Inputs and 
    Staff Support for the Presidency.

Core Values

        1. Drive for Excellence and Professionalism. By having no less than the Presidency as its direct client, the PMS provides only the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in its work.
        2. Flexible, Dynamic, and Extensive ReachThe PMS work is anchored on the needs of the Presidency. It is always on call and, if necessary, operates on a 24/7 basis to deliver its services effectively. The PMS has ground-based networks nationwide to monitor and evaluate governmental sectors and anticipate critical issues and developments.
        3. Integrity and Passion for AnonymityIn all its work, the PMS has put premium on integrity and anonymity. The PMS works quietly and performs tasks according to the day-to-day and long-term needs of the Presidency.


PMS Pledge



About the PMS

The Presidential Management Staff (PMS) became "the PMS" as it known today on 08 July 1976,
pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 955. In January 1987, under former President Corazon Aquino,
the PMS was given a fresh mandate to serve the Presidency as the President's primary technical arm. (EO 130, 30 January 1987)

Since then, the PMS has been the primary government agency responsible
for providing technical assistance and advice to the President in exercising
overall management of the development process (Executive Order No. 130
dated 30 January 1987 , as amended)